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Nathalie Waser


Sadly, Nathalie is no longer a member of the lab. :(

Nathalie Waser | Research Associate

Research Interests

Nitrogen and phosphorus cycling in the upper ocean and the use of natural isotopes of nitrogen and phosphorus in the study of:

1-Residence time of particulate organic matter in the surface ocean and new production (radiophosphorus isotopes).

2-Nitrogen stable isotopes distribution in particulate organic matter in the ocean and its relationship with primary productivity.

3-Mechanism of nitrogen isotope fractionation and its study in laboratory cultures.


N. A. D. Waser, A. P. Fleer, T. R. Hammar, K. O. Buesseler and M. P. Bacon. 1994. Determination of natural 32P and 33P in rainwater, marine particles and plankton by low-level beta counting, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research, A 338:560-567.

N. A. D. Waser and M. P. Bacon. 1994. Cosmic ray produced 32P and 33P in Cl, S and K at mountain altitude and calculation of oceanic production rates, Geophys. Res. Letters, 21:991-994.

N. A. D. Waser and M. P. Bacon. 1995. Wet deposition fluxes of cosmogenic 32P and 33P and variations in the 33P/32P ratios at Bermuda. Earth and Planetary Science Letters,133:71-80.

N. A. D. Waser, M. P. Bacon and A. F. Michaels. 1996. Natural activities of 32P and 33P and the 33P/32P ratio in suspended particulate matter and plankton in the Sargasso Sea. Deep Sea Research, 43:421-436.

N. A. D. Waser, D. H. Turpin, P. J. Harrison and S. E. Calvert. Nitrogen isotope fractionation during the uptake and assimilation of nitrate, nitrite, ammonium and urea by a marine diatom. Submitted to Limnology and Oceanography.

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