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Nelson Sherry


Nelson Sherry | PhD Candidate

I am a Ph.D. Student in the Oceanography Dept.
I started in January of 1996.

My advisor is Paul J. Harrison .

I am working on determining the role played by heterotrophic bacteria in the carbon cycling of the Sub-Arctic Pacific.

Winner of the 2000 Department of Earth and Ocean Sciences Golden Mouse Award !

My question consists of essentially 3 parts:

1) What is the size of the bacterial carbon pool; and what are the rates of transfer in and out of that pool relative to depth, season, and location along Line P?

2) What factors control the bacterial carbon pool size and the rates of carbon transfer to and from that pool?

3) How do the properties measured and inferred from parts 1 and 2 relate to other physical and biological properties such as temperature, salinity, POC, PON, DOC, primary productivity, virus numbers, flagellate numbers, etc.

My work is being done in conjunction with the Canadian JGOFS program and I have been participating in the joint CJGOFS/WOCE line P cruises.

I graduated with a BS in 1991 and an MS in 1995, both in biology from the University of Oregon, Eugene, OR.

MS Thesis - Picocyanobacteria in the Arabian Sea During the End of the Winter Monsoon: Diurnal Patterns, Spatial Variability, and Division Rates.

Major Publications

Garcia-Pichel, F., Sherry, N.D., Castenholz, R.W. (1992). Evidence for an Ultraviolet Sunscreen Role of the Extracellular Pigment Scytonemin in the Terrestrial Cyanobacterium Chlorogloeopsis sp. Photochem. and Photobiol. 56: 17-23.

Wood, A.M., Sherry, N.D., Huyer, A.J. (1996). Mixing of Chlorophyll from the Middle Atlantic Bight Cold Pool into the Gulf Stream at Cape Hatteras in July 1993.
J. Geophys. Res. 101: 20,579-20,593.

Sherry, N.D., P.W. Boyd, K. Sugimoto, and P.J. Harrison (1999). Seasonal and spatial patterns of heterotrophic bacterial production, respiration, and biomass in the subarctic NE Pacifc. Deep-Sea Research II, Vol. 46 (11-12): 2557-2578.

Boyd PW, Sherry ND, Berges JA, Bishop JKB, Calvert SE, Charette MA, Giovannoni SJ, Goldblatt R, Harrison PJ, Moran SB, Roy S, Soon M, Strom S (1999). Transformations of biogenic particulates from the pelagic to the deep ocean realm. Deep-Sea Research II, Vol. 46 (11-12): 2761-2792.

Sherry, N.D. and A.M. Wood (2001). Phycoerythrin-containing picocyanobacteria in the Arabian Sea in February 1995: diel patterns, spatial variability, and growth rates. Deep-Sea Research II, Vol. 48 (6-7): 1263-1283.

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