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Lauren Ross


Lauren Ross | MSc Candidate

Lauren successfully defended her M.Sc. thesis in the summer of 1998. She is presently travelling in Europe.

Intertidal benthic primary productivity following sewage effluent diversion on Sturgeon Bank, Fraser River delta.

The mudflats of the Fraser River estuary, Vancouver, Canada, which have been contaminated by wastewater from the Iona Island sewage treatment plant, have been relieved of this input by the installation of a deep sea outfall. This study looks at the rate of primary productivity on these recovering mudflats of Sturgeon Bank. Primary production was estimated monthly using the changes in oxygen in benthic chambers over 20 hour incubation periods. Nutrient concentrations were also used to estimate and confirm primary productivity. Productivity was found to be generally higher at the control site than the polluted site adjacent the treatment plant. Results from this project will establish a reference for future studies to use in primary production measurements as well as determine the change in algal and phytoplankton productivity over a two year period.